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This website contains tutorials on several topics in mathematics and numerical analysis as well as a number of other papers on various subjects. The tutorials cover harmonic analysis, numerical linear algebra, digital signal encoding, symmetry reductions and the modeling of Sonar transducers and arrays. There are also a number of papers on acoustics, particularly the acoustic radiation and scattering from arbitrary shaped bodies and the acoustic interaction of Sonar transducers in an array. In a slightly different vein you will find biographies of the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler and the great physicist James Clerk Maxwell. These biographies describe their life, their major contributions to science, and also their strong Christian faith. Another area that I have been interested in is the Biblical story of creation described in the first chapter of Genesis. I have written a paper that discuses various interpretations of the creation days in Genesis 1. Recently I started reading ebooks on a Kindle and became interested in how they are formatted. As a result I have written a tutorial on how to format an ebook for the Kindle using HTML, CSS, and the Kindlegen program. I hope these papers will be of interest to you and will prove to be useful.

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I am a retired mathematician living in San Diego, California. My wife and I have two daughters and five grandchildren. I obtained a PhD in mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1968 with an emphasis in Continuum Mechanics. I worked at SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare) center from 1959 to 2003. My principal job was the mathematical modeling of Sonar transducers and arrays. This involved, among other things, familiarity with elasticity theory, electrodynamics, acoustics, and numerical analysis. I was a co-developer of the widely distributed computer program CHIEF that numerically solves the Helmholtz integral equation to predict the acoustic radiation or scattering from arbitrary shaped bodies. As retirees, my wife and I spend as much time as possible with our grand kids, work part-time at our church, and attend a weekly Bible study. I have been particularly involved in the ministry of our church to the homeless and poor in dowtown San Diego. If you would like to find out more about this ministry go to the web site